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    Utilizing More of Remedy

    Kyle Kroeker
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      Our organization is in the process of looking at number of features that Remedy has to offer.

      I was hoping to get some feedback on some suggested approaches and experiences others have had implementing certain modules/components:


      We currently utilize the following:

      -Remedy ITSM 18.05







      -Significant Number of Customizations


      In Progress:




      -Software Asset Management

      -Smart Reporting







      -Virtual Chat



      We are trying to get a handle on what would be best to target first, and trying to measure dependencies certain modules have on other components.

      If anyone has experiences they can share that would be very much appreciated.




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          Matt Laurenceau



          your question fell thru the net.

          Just moved it within Remedy ITSM community so that you get perspective from many others on best practice order for:

          • SmartIT
          • DWP
          • SRM
          • Knowledge
          • Virtual Chat
          • Mobile
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            Stefan Hall

            Hi Kyle,

            an exciting question and already the current projects are a big challenge.

            Discovery / CMDB and the comparison with your existing ticket data should not be that easy. Good Luck!


            The order depends essentially on your requirements and/or the highest suffering pressure. I can only arrange it from a technical point of view.


            1. I would use DWP/SRM together. DWP for a new Look for endusers and SRM as background module.
            2. I would not use the virtual chat without knowledge articles. So RKM before Virtual Chat. Please also consider the design error in Virtual Chat. This works with incident numbers, but if you use DWP/SRM your users only know request numbers. This leads to maximum confusion and our endusers reject it.
            3. I consider SmartIT to be the most complex task, especially because of your customizings. Besides, SmartIT is still too incomplete from my point of view. Therefore users have to jump between SmartIT views, best practice views and the very old classic views. Three GUI ideas are too much for me, not only for me.


            Hope I could help you a little with my mind.


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              Kyle Kroeker

              Thank you very much for your response Stefan.


              Kyle Kroeker

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                Stefan Hall


                I shortened your answer and removed your contact information

                We are on the road here and a phone number can quickly lead to unexpected stress


                I hope you are not angry with me