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    Mass installation of Control-M agents on multiple hosts

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      Query regarding installation of agents on v8 -

      Is there a possibility/feature which could enable installation of Control-M v8 agents and/or fixpack on multiple hosts at a time (may be a script or some other way). I mean it should be completely automated (right from the installation under ctmagent user to starting of services as root; similar procedure for fixpack).


      Anything that would allow me to install the agent files/fixpack files on multiple new hosts in a single shot but on Control-M v8.



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          Hi Varun Das


          Despite of the Control-M version, with todays Datacenter Virtualization and Automation Capabilities available at most worldwide enterprises, in my opinion,  the best preffered and easy way is to Have Control-M Agent pre-installed on the Virtual Guest operating system IMAGE used on your Enterprise Virtualization and Datacenter Management tool.


          When the NEW Virtual Host borns, Control-M Agent is already available and would requires minimal configuration, like agent host name and register to server that can be achieved by CTMAPI and minimal scripting.


          I would try to meet with the Virtualizaton and infrastructure support team from your company prior starting the scripts efforts.



          My Best regards


          Adriano Gomes

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            Hi Varun Das


            As of this conversation,  I would also recommend you to look for internal Configuration Automation tools Administrators (that nativelly allow packaging, deploy, install/patch/upgrade and config). 


            In the case of deployment of Control-M Agent Software components for Massive  installation it would be best addressed by those kind of tools due to the following reasons:


            a) The Software component installation Files by platform and OS and its location  accessbility (common repository/ packaging)

            b) The distinct required configuration for OS Flavors like UNIX(HP, IBM, Oracle Sun)/Linux and Windows (Granular configuration)

            c) The Administrator permissions to Deploy, Run Software component packages and pre/post Configurations (root/Administrator credentials)

            d) The Control-M installation methods for New (root, non_root mode), Upgrade and Fix actions


            For Control-M Agents, those requirements above can be achieved by scripting although for some enterprises production enviroments those requirements are subject to auditing and security concerns mainly due to fact that CTM Administrators are not Systems Administrator and the roles expectations are different, and the skillset and credentials do not allow to have a simple automated process.


            This way, most of the time the Control-M Administrators need to build such configuration requests to Systems Administators or even the entire installation recipe actions over a Change Ticket to be assigned to both SYS Admins group and Control-M Adminstrators run each step ordely.


            The capability that you can leverage for such configuration automation tools would be:


            a) To generate the silent installation file with Control-M Agent native installer and perform the instalation in an automated fashion.


            Control-M Control-M Documentation - Control-M - BMC Documentation


            There still have a lot of manual procedures to overcome.


            My Best regards



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              Mark Francome

              On the Unix side my Unix Admin colleagues run a Puppet install for Control-M Agents and the patches. This works well if you have a lot of standard installs. They then enforce standards so that if you try to mess with the Agent they can get it to switch back to the 'approved' installed version. I know that Ansible will also do similar stuff.


              We were hoping that the Agent deploy option in the CCM (new with v9) would solve all our problems but some many scenarios don't work with it. It is fine for applying patches and MFT but not much more.

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                Hi  Mark Francome


                if you want to automate Control-M Agent Deployment with Control-M v.9.00X and over you can do it very smothly with CTMAPI.


                ctm provision image Agent.Linux and provision setup [ctm] [name] [port]

                ctm provision image Agent.Windows and provision setup [ctm] [name] [port]

                or provision install <image> [ctm] [name] [port] as a single command


                All that it requires is:


                a) setup AUTO DEPLOY

                b) copy Installation files to AUTO_DEPLOY folder

                c) create silent installations files and save them to AUTO_DEPLOY folder

                d) install NodeJS and CTM API to the host where CTMAgent Requires installation and run ctm api provision commands.

                alternatively, you may be able to run directly on the CTM agent host by using curl command line (Never tested)


                If  @Varun Das could upgrade at least his EM environment to V.9.00 that could change the game.


                My best


                Adriano Gomes

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                  Mark Francome

                  I had not looked at the API option, as you say that looks very smooth. Getting local access to the Agent platform might be an issue but I can see how this would be a good solution


                  The issues I ran into on the CCM side were more to do with permissions, we had some Agents that run in unusual scenarios (firewalls, non-root) and that doesn't work well. The amount of space required on the Agents also had our Admins complaining ("you want me to clear space on 30 servers so you can do what?").


                  Our Unix Admins also wanted to keep the install process within their control, hence the puppet solution. Politics often gets involved in Control-M!

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                    Hi Mark Francome


                    Yes, you are right, although CTMAPI could be used to simplify the steps required to run a full unattended CTM Agent deployment, there are a lot of requirements that can not be easily fulfilled, like You have mentioned, firewall, non-root, (pre-reqs for Linux/Unix like user/group/home dir space).


                    Our site, we use tasks templates that spin among the Sys Admins that handles storage area (disk space), security Admins (group and user AD/NIS, sudo list), Network Admins (Firewall rules) and the CTM Admins perform the steps required to install CTMAgent (login, sudo, file copy, uncompress, install exec, install upgrade to latest FP, validate communication, register agent to server, add "run as" users).


                    With CTM API, today we can do the installation with a single >ctm provision image "Agent_9FP4.Windows" < command after deploy the API and NodeJS locally.


                    We are designing the Automated installation like this :


                    • Register the Host as Remote Host to Control-M (API Supported);
                    • Add "Run As User" assigned to remote Host (Manually);
                    • scp the NODEJS and CTMAPI to Remote Host (scripted);
                    • Run a CTM REMOTE JOB to invoke the NODEJS, CTMAPI installation and to provision the CTm Agent image and FP upgrade (Scripted);


                    Definitely, a Config Automation tool like puppet is the best approach for mass deployment.


                    Thanks for your comments


                    My Best Regards


                    Adriano Gomes

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                      Kim Langley

                      Hello Adriano,


                      I have read your notes on automatic installation of multiple agents, however I am trying to determine if it really buys me anything to automate the installation of one agent at a time through any of these methods.  We have been approached to use Salt to do these agent installations, however with all of the configuration differences, etc, I am not sure this will save me time, when another group will initiate the Salt installation and then on their timeframe, not mine, I will most likely have to troubleshoot why an agent is not working.  What would your suggestion be. I would think it would make more sense to automate from Control-M if at all.


                      I am on a Windows platform on version  Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  We have windows, Linux and Unix agent machines.  I see you show an option to use node.js and ctmapi , however would this have to be installed on the agent machines for this to work.  I am not sure this would help us as we have hundreds of agent machines, it would be just as easy to install the agent manually. 


                      Thank you and best regards,

                      Kim Langley