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      So I want to be able to click on a hyperlink/html code to open our Dynamics NAV application customer card for a specific customer.

      I created a HTML form control with the code below and it works if I hard code a customer number in there "C012345". It opens our NAV application on that specific customer card. This is good.



      But what I want it to do is to insert the [nav_customer_number___cust] field into the control. This will get the current customer number in the ticket then open our NAV application with that specific customer.  Anyone know of a way to do this?

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          Christopher Bradfield

          I wouldn’t expect the system to copy the vaule over on sceeen. You would need to use a on screen rule to try to concan the value (not sure if it would work) or write you on code to do the work.

          I dont think a onscreen rule wil work but that’s the only way OTB that I can think of doing it.

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            Nicole Schackert

            You can not solve this with HTML. The field always has a different ID. If you go to the label you get problems if you have several tickets open at the same time.

            You need a Java for that. Something like this: (This goes to the ticket ID, you have to adjust it for you)


            (function () {



              var PATCH_ELEMENT_NAME = "********";

              var URL = "*****************************View=c739f09a-7bc3-480b-8a95-235b9344966e&FilterField1=Ticketnummer&FilterValue1={{id}}";

              var LABEL = "**********";



              var LinkPatcher = function LinkPatcher(patchElementName, url, label) {

                var _this = this;



                this.patchElementName = patchElementName;

                this.url = url;

                this.label = label;



                this.resolveUrlParameter = function (id) {

                  return _this.url.replace(/{{.+}}/, id);




                this.buildLinkId = function (baseId) {

                  return "refLink-" + baseId;




                this.removeByIdIfExists = function (id) {

                  var elementToRemove = document.getElementById(id);

                  if (elementToRemove) elementToRemove.parentNode.removeChild(elementToRemove);




                this.createLink = function (id, element) {

                  var content = element.value || element.innerHTML;

                  if (!content) return;

                  var newLink = document.createElement("a");

                  newLink.href = _this.resolveUrlParameter(content);

                  newLink.id = id;

                  newLink.innerText = _this.label;

                  newLink.target = "_blank";

                  element.parentNode.insertAdjacentElement("beforeend", newLink);




                this.keyUpHandler = function (event) {

                  var id = _this.buildLinkId(event.srcElement.id);


                  _this.createLink(id, event.srcElement);




                this.findFootprintsElements = function () {

                  return [].slice.call(document.getElementsByTagName("label")).filter(function (entry) {

                    return entry.innerHTML.indexOf(_this.patchElementName) > -1;

                  }).map(function (entry) {

                    return entry.id.replace('-labelEl', '-bodyEl');

                  }).filter(function (newElementId) {

                    return newElementId && newElementId != '';

                  }).map(function (newElementId) {

                    return document.getElementById(newElementId).lastElementChild;

                  }).filter(function (newElement) {

                    return newElement;





                this.init = function () {

                  var footprintsElements = _this.findFootprintsElements();

                  footprintsElements.forEach(function (control) {

                    control.removeEventListener("keyup", _this.keyUpHandler.bind(_this));

                    control.addEventListener("keyup", _this.keyUpHandler.bind(_this));

                    var newId = _this.buildLinkId(control.id);


                    _this.createLink(newId, control);




              var linkPatcher = new LinkPatcher(PATCH_ELEMENT_NAME, URL, LABEL);



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              VINCE RINNER

              Apparently I need to learn more Java! Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll work on it and see but a simple cut and paste of your code didn't show anything.

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                Nicole Schackert

                No copy and paste will not work in your case. This function refers to building a URL with the ticket number. The function has no Patch_Element_Name. no full URL and no label. The label in your case would be nav_customer_number___cust, if your field on the surface is also named.

                What I noticed in these functions is that the CodeBox where the function is must be under the field declared in the label field.

                So the CodeBox should be under your nav_customer_number___cust field.

                No idea why, but if the box is somewhere else, sometimes it does not work.