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    Splunk Intergration with TSOM

    Daniel Barella
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      Hi all,


      Looking for some help and guidance.


      We have an Enterprise Splunk instance which will be used to gather data from a number of applications. One of the key areas we're looking at is Event and Performance data from TSOM (as close to real time as possible).


      Has anyone any experience of extracting TSOM data into Splunk? As we see it there are three options but I'm not sure how valid they are:

      1. User the API (but worried on the impact to TSPS)
      2. Pull the data direct from the database
      3. Create a Cell to pull out event data (but this won't give us performance).


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciate.




      P.S. TrueSight Analytics isn't an option here, we have to use Splunk.