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    Help on "Failed to get the beginning of the flow"

    Lionel ROCHA
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      Hi all,


      I need help on this document:

      BCM - Why do I get "Failed to get the beginning of the flow" message in log files


      In my case:

      Master communicate through lan to all relays.

      All clients are connected through the internet to each relay.



      Default Timeout for TCP Based connections must be:

      - set to "30" on all clients => ok

      - set to "30" or "5" on all relay ?

      - set to "5" on master ?


      I don't understand this part, because Master communicate through the lan to all relays:

      Be careful this value has to be set on both side.

      Let's say several Relays server are connected through the Internet to your Master device. In this case default time out must be set on all Relays and also on Master.



      Thank you




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          Steve Gibbs



          I agree that this is really confusing. I think that if the Master Server only can talk to Relays and NOT clients but all relays can talk to Clients over the internet or REALLY slow WAN connection then enable same TTL on those devices.  As long as the Relays can establish communications quickly to the master then the default 5 second timeout should not matter as they will establish connection within 5 seconds.  The good thing is you can test and always jump the master TTL to 30 should this not prove to be the case.  That what I would do anyway.  You may wish to run up the support flag pole for confirmation…

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            Lionel ROCHA

            Thank you Steve,


            I put client and relays with '20', and master with '5' seconds. I test a few days.

            Since this modification, rules take longer to be associated, even on fast connections.