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    Using Multi-Select fields for approvals?

    Rob Farrington
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      I have a customer "ask" to create approval flows off of a Muti-Select field selection. Is this possible? If not OOTB, has anyone created a way to do this?


      For example:


      - User selects Door 1, Door 5, Door 7

      - Approval steps send approvals notices to Tom for Door 1, Bill for Door 5, and Josh for Door 7

      - Tom, Bill, and Josh approve/reject


      Thanks in advance!


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          John Ossmann

          Never seen that done, but I would think you would need a separate approval flow for each combination / subset of the Doors. (Why did Jim Morrison cross my mind just now).


          For example 3 separate for when each single door is selected

          1 for if Door 1 and Door 5 is selected

          1 for if Door 5 and Door 7 is selected

          1 for if Door 1 and Door 7 is selected

          1 for when all are selected.


          Possibly it could be done a little easier, but not sure

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            Nicolas Roome

            You could maybe do something with 1 approval process and basically something like a rule that adds a name to an assignee field each time a door is selected. And do your approval based on the names in the assignee field.

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              Christopher Bradfield

              When I have done this I have always pushed back and made each choice a single select or check box. It leads to a lot more fields but it keeps workflow and rules clean. When I tried with multi selects it seemed as if a user could “confuse“ the rule by “selecting, deselecting gotta options repeatedly“ in the multi select box (Note that was many many versions back.

              So my access forms have sections and check boxes permissons and i avoid using multi select fields. After the form you need to decide the best way to handle workflow/approvers. I have done as Nick suggests, but that could result in a large number of rules (which would be bad). I also have used hidden fields that contain the approvers information. For compex items I have used sql lookups that read approvers from a CI or a sql data source.

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