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    Customize section in a custom report

    Ana Lorite

      Hi everybody,


      I would like to hide the customize section in a custom report. The thing is I don't know if it is possible



      Thanks a million!!



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          Brian Morris

          I don't think you can do this with a permission so it affects just specific users, but I have noticed that some reports, such as the out of the box report "Host Distribution by Vendor" will have the  + Customize option not diplayed. If you have a summary or count displayed, the tool seems to hide this. Another thing I noticed that it also hides + Customize if I use PROCESSWITH and CountUnique.


          So for example, this hides the Customize button:


          SEARCH SoftwareInstance

          WHERE NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:Host)

          SHOW type, product_version

          PROCESS WITH countUnique(0)


          Maybe you could try adding a count or another post processing function to your report and you'll get the effect you want.

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            Ana Lorite

            Hi Brian Morris


            Thanks for your answer.


            Yes, I took a look at so many reports and I noticed that too. Indeed, I usually use the countUnique(x) function but I wonder if there is a specific way to do that and not as a "side effect" of the countUnique function.



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              Brian Morris

              Yeah the Host Distribution by Vendor is using countunique too.

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                Andrew Waters

                There is no permission to control this. There is no side effect.


                If will appear if the answer in a NodeSet, basically the result ends up with references to nodes in the datastore. So for example SEARCH Host you end up with Host nodes that can extract attributes for presenting in the UI. Something like countUnique count the number of values and hence there is no longer any reference to individual nodes so there is no option to modify the query.

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