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    Mapping discovered hosts to location,Region,Country & Site Custom Categories in Discovery

    Shankar Masekar
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      I’m looking to map discovered hosts to location, Region, Country, Site & Env (Prod, Dev) based on the IP subnet the host belongs to & then sync the mapped data to CMDB for change impact management.

      I’ve gone through several existing community threads that talks about mapping Hosts to locations, which instructed to first create location entries in UI from Custom Categories & then use the ‘Hostto location.tpl’ to map hosts to newly created locations.


      I’m wondering, if a similar process can be used for other custom categories e.g. Region, Country & Site & Env (Prod, Dev) ; If yes, I have few queries…


      1. How can we create custom categories for Region, Country, Site, Env & map them to Hosts based on IP Subnet ?
      2. Do we have any custom TPL for mapping above categories like ‘Hostto location.tpl’ ?
      3. What needs to be done to sync these new attributes/category information from discovery to CMDB ? I guess, it requires another TPL that would define the criteria to map these attributes to appropriate CMDB classes during the sync.Do we have any docs/tpl’s that I can refer here ?


      Any help on this would be appreciated !