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    Is it possible to add a Worklog entry into a Workorder during a DWP Workflow?

    Stefan Koenig

      Hi community,


      we are building some workflows with the DWP Catalog workflow-designer right now.

      For some workflows it would be nice, to give some information back into a workorder, e.g. when some informations are missing in the WO Type Fields. I tried to add some information with the "Build Input Set"  and "Set Entry" actions, but I don't really know, which field I could probably use to add something to the worklog.

      For testing, I created a simple workflow, which only

      1. creates a workorder

      2. gets all informations about that workorder

      3. Builds an input set with onlöy one Key-Value Pair (z1D_Note - "New worklog information")

      4. uses "Set Entry" to hopefully add this to the worklog.



      Unfortunately this does not work.

      When I start this service, it makes the workorder, but ther is no entry in the worklog. In the service request in DWP C, I cannot see any errors.



      If I try the same with the field "z2TH WorkLog",



      I receive at least an error, that this an unsupported datatype:


      Does anyone know, how this could be done? Or is it not possible to add informations to the ticket in this way?


      Thanks ahead for your thoughts and ideas!

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