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    Keeping CLM information accurate and up-to-date

    William Thomas
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      I am admittedly looking for a technical solution to what is ultimately a management problem but the situation is what it is. We have a situation where different internal teams can manage and even decommission certain servers. The problem is that they can do this outside of CLM. The problem is that when this happens, there is a discrepancy between the servers that CLM "sees" and manages and the servers that are actually deployed within our infrastructure. Allowing for the constraint that we cannot completely disallow certain internal teams from decommissioning their servers outside of CLM (this is a senior management decision), what are the best practices to avoid this problem?


      As at least a partial workaround, I would like to make a feature request for an upgraded RSCD agent that would "phone home" periodically (i.e. every twenty-four hours) with whatever configuration information BladeLogic could gather and provide. But even if this were possible, it would still take a major re-engineering of the RSCD agent that itself will take time and a very significant effort.


      So again, what is the best way to insure that the information in CLM is complete and accurate?