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    Latest Inference time in Query

    James A



      ADDM 11.2


      Is it possible to retrieve the Latest inference time through the query.. in some classes like cluster, databases we don't have the last update success time and so we can use this time in such cases.




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          Bob Anderson



          you could use the 'modified()' function.


          Something like this:


          search SoftwareCluster




          friendlyTime(creationTime(#)) as 'Discovery Created',

          friendlyTime(modified(#)) as 'Discovery Modified'

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            Andrew Waters

            The modification time will only change if the node is actually modified. If it is not changed the date is not updated.


            You cannot, in general tell the last inference time. It is possible looking at a pattern to be able to determine when the additional information is last checked. Though this can be hard, for example discovery failures mean you need to distinguish between the discovery failure and confirmation of the model. Also depending upon a pattern it may have inferences to DDD nodes in which case it was obviously updated during the associated scan.


            In general the easiest thing is just to base it on the time of the first order nodes and accept the odd occasions when this is not the case.

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              James A

              so we will not able to use this Latest inference time attribute in the query?

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                Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux

                This is not an attribute but a code computed value displayed in the UI, as you can read it in the UI tool-tip if you hover your mouse over the "Last Inference Time" string in the UI.

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                  Andrew Waters

                  What this represents is the latest inference time of the associated node. There is no real way to use this in a general query. No way to pick the largest value and it could be very expensive for nodes which have lots of inferences. For a single node you could order the results by the time and piick the latest but that does not work in a general report.