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    HPD:Association form check

    Igor Svetek
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      On creation of the record in HPD:Association form that has AssciationType = "Duplicate of", a filter needs to check the value of checkbox field on HPD:Help Desk form and if the checkbox is set, created a record on the third form.


      In other situations, I would create a custom field on HPD:Association form that is populated if the checkbox is set on HPD:Help Desk form and create 2 filters (one for checking the checkbox and other for creating a record on the third form).


      Problem is that there is an archiving policy is enabled and HPD:Association form is being archived. If I add a custom field, I do not know how it will affect archiving. Do I need to add this field to archive form?


      Is there a way to implement this without creating a custom field on HPD:Association form?

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          Carl Wilson


          if you have an archiving form, then when you add fields to the primary form this "should" add them to the underlying archive form.

          However, I have in rare instances seen where you need to recreate the archiving form to have the new fields show.




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            Igor Svetek

            The "should" part is what is worrying me. I had a lot of "shoulds" that became "didn't"in this environment, that is the reason I am searching for a workaround.


            I believe I found a solution, Assigned to field (field ID 4) that is present on each Remedy form is not being used on this particular form (checked all records created on Production, all NULL values).


            Same with Short Description field (field ID 8), but this field needs to have a value and since I have "Set Fields to $NULL$" in the filter workflow, I did not want to take a chance.