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    Unable to set custom Status Reason

    Igor Svetek
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      I have created a filter that is supposed to set on HPD:Help Desk form

      Status to In Progress

      Status Reason to Mobile team acknowledge

      I am able to set the Status, but not Status Reason (no error is shown as In Progress does not require Status Reason).

      2019-02-05 - Remote Desktop Manager Free [rmdarsADMtst -] - 000199.png

      I have added this status reason in SYS:Status Reason Menu Items form.

      2019-02-05 - Remote Desktop Manager Free [rmdarsADMtst -] - 000197.png

      Also added it to Status_Reason_Hidden enum field on HPD:Help Desk form (and thus enable it in the filter workflow).

      2019-02-05 - Remote Desktop Manager Free [rmdarsADMtst -] - 000198.png

      I have used the copy of this filter and successfully changed status and status reason for Pending and Resolved.


      Any ideas why this is not working?