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    Ehcache error

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi folks


      We are getting this error and it is impeding our business.


      I got this from the mid tier logs -


      <MTIER><TID: 0000000096> <CATEGORY:com.remedy.log.SESSION  > /* Mon Feb 04 2019 08:27:21.814  */  <LEVEL: WARNING> <Class: com.remedy.arsys.goat.preferences.ARUserPreferences><Method: loadFromServer><TENANT: null                                   > <USER: MidTier Service                         >  Error loading preference from server da3b-gen-swt-app003 for the user MidTier Service ARERR [8790] Unknown system error : id(163): net.sf.ehcache.transaction.TransactionTimeoutException: transaction [120258346] timed out

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.preferences.ARUserPreferences.loadFromServer(ARUserPreferences.java:570)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.preferences.ARUserPreferences.addConfiguredPreferences(ARUserPreferences.java:506)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.preferences.ARUserPreferences.<init>(ARUserPreferences.java:99)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.service.ARUserPreferencesService.getUserPreferencesHelper(ARUserPreferencesService.java:24)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.service.ARUserPreferencesService.getUserPreferencesHelper_aroundBody0(ARUserPreferencesService.java:30)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.service.ARUserPreferencesService$AjcClosure1.run(ARUserPreferencesService.java:1)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.aspects.IARUserPreferencesServiceCacheAspect.ajc$around$com_remedy_arsys_goat_aspects_IARUserPreferencesServiceCacheAspect$1$157bea7fproceed(IARUserPreferencesServiceCacheAspect.aj:41)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.aspects.IARUserPreferencesServiceCacheAspect.ajc$around$com_remedy_arsys_goat_aspects_IARUserPreferencesServiceCacheAspect$1$157bea7f(IARUserPreferencesServiceCacheAspect.aj:66)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.service.ARUserPreferencesService.getUserPreferences(ARUserPreferencesService.java:30)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.preferences.ARUserPreferences.getUserPreferences(ARUserPreferences.java:264)

          at com.remedy.arsys.stubs.SessionData.<init>(SessionData.java:126)

          at com.remedy.arsys.stubs.SessionData.<init>(SessionData.java:212)

          at com.remedy.arsys.prefetch.PrefetchWorkerImpl$PrefetchSessionData.<init>(PrefetchWorkerImpl.java:299)

          at com.remedy.arsys.prefetch.PrefetchWorkerImpl.prefetchForm(PrefetchWorkerImpl.java:127)

          at com.remedy.arsys.prefetch.PrefetchWorkerImpl.start(PrefetchWorkerImpl.java:87)

          at com.remedy.arsys.prefetch.AbstractManager$WorkerThread.run(AbstractManager.java:231)

      Caused by: ERROR (8790): Unknown system error; id(163): net.sf.ehcache.transaction.TransactionTimeoutException: transaction [120258346] timed out

          at com.bmc.arsys.apitransport.ApiProxyJRpcBase.arCall(ApiProxyJRpcBase.java:296)

          at com.bmc.arsys.apitransport.ApiProxyJRpcBase.arCall(ApiProxyJRpcBase.java:168)

          at com.bmc.arsys.api.ProxyJRpc.ARGetListForm(ProxyJRpc.java:373)

          at com.bmc.arsys.api.ARServerUser.getListForm(ARServerUser.java:1632)

          at com.bmc.arsys.api.ARServerUser.getListForm(ARServerUser.java:1566)

          at com.remedy.arsys.goat.preferences.ARUserPreferences.loadFromServer(ARUserPreferences.java:568)

          ... 15 more


      The very first line on the stack trace says its related to User Preferences, so I don't know if I should go looking there.


      Also, I found this - Cache configuration example for maximum elements in memory - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Do…  and this - Open source cache manager and settings in config.properties file - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - … morever - Settings in the config.properties file - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation and again this - Formula for mid tier ehcache parameters


      JVM runtime analysis - Documentation for Remedy Action Request System 8.1 - BMC Documentation


      Is this a JVM related issue?


      If someone has been through this, please help me out here.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance extended

      Memento Mori

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          Mohammad Rehman

          Backup and try to remove the user's User Preference record and ask user to login back. Seem issue with User's preference record cache messed up.

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            Edison Pioneer

            Hi Mohammad,


            Thanks for taking interest in this.


            I tried opening another form and the stack trace is totally different. Something about Java API calls.


            Do you think its really issue with User Preference?

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              Mohammad Rehman

              Its definitely cache issue with web server but changing the user preference will cache new entry of user user preference. its one way to remove the doubt to narrow down the issue.

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                Amit Kumar

                Hi Edison,

                You did not specify what activity you did when you got this error.Can you please check the server logs?

                Also whatever operation you are trying, can you try the same from driver or any other client tool that will clear whether its a midtier cache issue or a server cache issue or an error which might have occurred in the server and not getting the expected result in a specified time resulting in this timeout.


                Hope this helps in drilling down to the root cause.



                Amit Kumar

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                  Marek Ceizel

                  What about to try basic steps.

                  - Remove the User Preference Record

                  - stop the midtier, delete cache diretory, start the midtier


                  You can also try to check the reported form. Try to change something on that and resave (or export it and import again).

                  then stop the midtier, remove the cache and start again.

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                    Steffen Beneker


                    we have a similar error, related to multiple Forms, in this Case Landing Console.


                    ARERR [8790]

                    Unknown system error : name(SHR:LandingConsole): net.sf.ehcache.transaction.TransactionTimeoutException: transaction [25667135] timed out

                    So its probably a broader issue with ARS Cache / maybe with JVM.


                    Regards, Steffen

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                      Danut Mosescu



                      We had the same issue and was fixed by clearing the contains of the bundle-cache directory on the AR.


                      Stop AR System + remove contains of ARSystem/bundle-cache directory + start AR System

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                        Samo Puharic

                        In version 20.02 there is a hotfix for "bundle-cache" problem. Ask support for hotfix.

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