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    Configure parameters as input to AO Workflow in an application Blueprint

    Jose Garcia Cortizo
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      Im trying to implement an application blueprint with a software package and AO workflow as "start" operation. (I used this option many times with a NSHScript and always works well)

      In the application blueprint I configured

      1. One Software packages.
      2. A parameter as hostname token called hostname
      3. I configured a "start" operation with an AO workflow.


      The AO Workflow has hostname as input parameter.


      I drag the application Blueprint into service Blueprint and when i provisioned ... the AO workflow compensated because "Summary: A required parameter was not found: 'From' Parameter Name=hostname, 'To' Parameter Name=hostname, isRequired=true, isGlobal=true."


      I dont know where or what is the problem. Any ideas?


      Many thanks in advance.