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    Job error

    Apoorv Chaturvedi



      I ran a normal test job with ls command on one of the remote host . Getting the below error :


              Message from Agent: Error: Failed to create './eecsaruh6hor128-04wft-00001.sh' on remote host              5169


      Remote host is up and available in CCM . Not sure what is wrong here ?





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          Hi Apoorv Chaturvedi



          For jobs to be able to start its run on remote hosts, you will need to :


          1) add CCM credetials that associate the "Run As" user on the Job form with an Active Operating system User and validate them by effectivelly logging on the remote system;

          2) perform the login with the user and validate if the user will receive the command prompt.


          There are some systems that requires the login user be prompted for some information prior to release the shell prompt and also restrict creating local hidden files. That may be the case.


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