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    Missing Public Group on AST:AuditLogAttributes

    Leonard Warren
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      Today, one of my primary test managers approached me with an issue that he could not see the Audit results in the LifeCycle Audit and CMDB Audit forms from within a Configuration Item (CI) record.  His profile does not have Unrestricted Access or Administrator. 


      I was able to see both results of the same CI.


      I set his profile to Unrestricted Access, had him clear out his browser cache and re-log in.  He was able to see both.  Then I took it away, and only the CMDB Audit Logs were viewable.


      Looking into the AST:AuditLogAttributes, I found seven permissions on the form but not one of them was Public.  There were Assignee, Submitter, Unrestricted Access, two Vendor Groups, Parent Group and one other one.  I have now added Public to the form so he can see the entries.  We cannot utilize Unrestricted Access so not sure how else to grant them rights to see the entries but to add in Public group.


      Just thought I would pass this along.