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    CMDB Sync Filtering cannot save condition

    Riaan Muller
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      I am trying to implement the solution whereby I can prevent Hosts discovered via SNMP to be Synced to the CMDB, due to the duplicate entries created in CMDB as soon as we do discover the same host later on via SSH/WMI.

      I do the link to Device_info, and specify the 'Access Method' to be NOT like SNMP, but I cannot save the condition - the cursur just turns to a red circle with line through it - no error message, nothing.

      Am I supposed to stop discovery before defining a new Filter condition, or why is this happening?




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          Duncan Grisby

          That sort of filter condition certainly should work, and I think that perhaps you have defined the condition!  It's just that the UI is very unclear. When you define a new filter, before you save it, you see the message next to the buttons that "Changes have not been saved". When you click on "Save Condition", the message goes away and the button is disabled, because now there are no changes to save. If you navigate away from the filter definition page, then come back to it, I expect you will find that your filter is still there, meaning that it is saved, even though it looks as though it isn't!


          By the way, I think a clearer way to implement your filter would be to use a "None" condition at the top-level, like this:


          Also see how I haven't hit "Save condition" yet, so it has the message that "Changes have not been saved".

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            Stefan Hall

            moved to Discovery area

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