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    Serial Number of Blade server not coming in

    Ryan Nicosia
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      Discovery Condition ESXi 6.5 Blade - Configipedia - BMC Documentation


      We appear to be experiencing the behavior outlined in that link.  However, we have found ESXi servers which are blades in an enclosure that are running 6.5 Patch 2 and showing a serial number other than the enclosure.

      This seems to contradict what is said above.   Bottom line, is there anything we can do on our end to ensure the serial number of the Blade servers themselves is populated on the blade vs the serial number of the enclosure getting populated?


      We are trying to integrate discovery data with another source of data in the CMDB and the primary key of that source is serial number.  So, until we get this addressed, we've got over 600 blades we can't reconcile to the other source because serial number does not match.