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    BLCLI get server services

    Abigail O'Riordan


      I would like to get information about some services running in an specific server. That is, this info:



      I know about this post, where it explain how to get a value from the server Live information.

      Find virtual machines in BladeLogic Server Automation Version:


      There they use the path in bold. But I don't undestand the logic to get there.


      serverKey=`blcli Server getServerDBKeyByName ESTRC1WLAPP001`

      uri=`blcli GenericObject getRESTfulURI ${serverKey}`

      out2=`blcli Get "${uri}/Assets/SystemInfo/System/AssetAttributeValues/Model"`

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          Bill Robinson

          the services listing is populated by the 'winsvc' command:

          %nexec win12r2-893 winsvc -l

          STOPPED AeLookupSvc Application Experience,

          STOPPED ALG Application Layer Gateway Service,

          STOPPED AppIDSvc Application Identity,

          STOPPED Appinfo Application Information,

          STOPPED AppMgmt Application Management,

          STOPPED AppReadiness App Readiness,

          STOPPED AppXSvc AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC),

          STOPPED AudioEndpointBuilder Windows Audio Endpoint Builder,

          STOPPED Audiosrv Windows Audio,

          RUNNING BFE Base Filtering Engine,

          STOPPED BITS Background Intelligent Transfer Service,

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            Abigail O'Riordan

            Thanks Bill R.,


            Obviously this is the easiest/fastest/simplest way.

            And thanks to NSH, I can grep the output:


            SERVER% nexec -i -e winsvc -l | grep -i "WinRM"

            RUNNING WinRM Windows Remote Management (WS-Management),

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              Greg Michael

              Since the winsvc command is an internal component to the RSCD agent, it is obviously not documented.  Beyond the -l switch that displays the Status, Service Name, and Display Name of services, are there any other switches that can be utilized?


              For example, if I wanted to use a different field separator to make it easier to parse the output, is there such an option?

              If I wanted to include other fields not normally displayed in the -l output, is there such an option?