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    TSA 8.9.03 Console slow when displaying deploy job status or Job show results

    Prabin Shakya
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      TSA, running on Windows 2016 Server and SQL 2008 R2.


      Since we upgraded we have found console to be slow and hangs when doing show results on a Job or displaying job status.  This becomes noticeable as the number of job run history increases.  This was not an issue pre-upgrade on BSA 8.6 system.


      Few Job runs = 10 seconds to display job results or update job status.

      Around 50 job runs = 1 minute or over to display job results or update job status.


      As a test we also did a clean install and created few deploy jobs and batch jobs.  The issue arises then as well.



      - deploy job is "IIS Reset"

      - number of batch jobs calls the deploy job.

      As the number of runs increases, slowness is seen for the deploy job.  Running the Job or Batch Job takes longer and longer to update deploy status.


      - doing show results on batch job is fast

      - i can see in appserver logs that IIS Reset has finished normally but console does not reflect it or hangs for a 1 minute!!!


      This happens for All users roles, Stats are up to date.  DBA have even ran defrag and rebuilt indexes but problem keeps arising.


      Any ideas?

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