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    From AIF based SRD to Standard SRD

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi fellas


      This is quite an open ended question I am asking here.


      I need to create a Standard SRD based on an AIF - based SRD which is already in place in our system.

      We are moving into SmartIT environment and I heard SmartIT does not support AIF based SRD'd.


      So, there's an existing SRD which has AIF in it, and which we need to have in SmartIT environment. However, I need to implement it in Standard SRD format.


      Would you please suggest me on where should I go looking for the important parameters, and on which forms and fields?

      Anything in particular I should watch out for?


      If anyone would step forth and kindly guide me on what needs to be done and set the direction I should be looking for, I would be immensely grateful.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance for any help extended

      Memento Mori.

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          Peter Adams

          First, a quick clarification: you can use AIFs when submitting requests via Smart IT. See Submitting service requests - Documentation for Remedy with Smart IT 19.02 - BMC Documentation 

          But that involves invoking the mid-tier UI to render the custom view (which is what an AIF is), and that's certainly not the best user experience.

          From that perspective, and for other reasons, we generally recommend to go with SRDs that use configured questions vs. AIF.


          I would recommend to take a step back and look at the use case from scratch. What are the requirements? What action should happen, when the request is submitted, and what info is needed to perform this action? Do I really need to ask for all this info  (the fewer questions, the better).  I'd use the opportunity to redesign the whole request interaction for the scenario that the AIF covers.


          There are a few best practices how to convert certain elements of an AIF which are not covered by the SRM question types into something that is supported by AIF. For example, if you have complex search capability in AIF, because you have too many options,  you can think about implementing this via a sequence of menu questions which subsequently narrow down the choices.

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