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    CMDB Documentation - Display Files in Instance editor

    Bernhard Leitner

      I understand that documentation files at a CMDB record are simply stored as 'regular' Salesforce Files (ContentDocuments). However the list shows different behaviour depending on where the File was uploaded. In my example case I have two files related to my CMDB test record:


      • The first file 'testfile_cmdb_ui.txt' was uploaded in the CMDB instance editor.
      • The second file 'testfile_sfdc_ui' was uploaded using standard Salesforce Files section, i.e. through the standard Base element page layout.


      Both are therefore linked with the CMDB test record. However, only one of them shows up in the CMDB instance editor. Why is the second file not displayed?


      2019-01-23 16_59_46-.png




      2019-01-23 17_00_42-.png


      We are thinking about integrating files via API, and therefore I would need to know if there is any kind of product restriction. Obviously it would not make sense to create documents via interface and in the end they are not shown in the CMDB :-)