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    People Integration name update to kick off Data Wizard action

    Christine Bowen
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      I have recently created a people integration for my customer.  We are on ARS and ITSM 9.1.04

      The integration uses Pentaho Spoon to evaluate the incoming file against current CTM:People records.  If differences are found, the relevant profile fields from the integration are sent to a Remedy staging form.  From here, two sets of escalations process these records.  The first escalation does a prep action, where it pulls in the existing Remedy profile (if it exists) and does some formatting/ alias lookups on Site information and Org/Department fields.  The second escalation evaluates each field, to see if it is different from what's currently on CTM:People. If different, it pushes the updated value to  CTM:People in individual updates.  This was done purposefully to engage the Audit Log capabilities, so we can see each field that is updated. I'm not forcing updates with a `! filter name, but instead leave the filter phasing to run normally.  All of this is working as expected.


      The question comes in when the update triggers an update to the profiles Full Name. If the first, middle, or last name are updated, the OOTB workflow triggers to update the Full Name on CTM:People, User, and the support group join forms if applicable.  The full name updates stop there.  This leaves us with a few problems.


      1. If the updated profile is a Support Staff person, and currently assigned to a ticket, they cannot save the ticket until they re-select their name from the Assignee drop down list.  For example, if their full name was Mickey Mouse before the update, and is changed to Mickey M Mouse after the integration.  If they attempt to save without re-selecting Mickey M Mouse, they receive an error:

      The Assigned Group fields are invalid. Use the menus for the Support Company, Support Organization, Assigned Group, and Assignee fields or the type ahead return function on the Assigned Group or Assignee fields to select this information. (ARERR 1291053)

      2. If a user wants to search for tickets on a customer profile that has recently changed, the search dialog brings in their full name to search tickets.  As a result, any tickets that were logged for the customer before the full name change, are not found in this search. 

      3. If a user wants to search for tickets assigned to a support staff whose full name has recently changed, the full name field is used to perform the search, and tickets created prior to the full name change are not found in the search results.

      4. Reports that include support staff names assigned to tickets sometimes have two rows for a single person's name.  Again, the standard reports pull the Assignee name field from tickets, and this field is populated with full name.


      In order to manage all these consequences of a full name change, we would like to kick off the data wizard Update - Person Name functionality.  I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to automatically kick off the data wizard action when the integration changes a profiles full name.  We can take this action via workflow or an AI / Spoon job. 


      Thank you,