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    How to archive records from parent, child and child's archive forms?

    Piotr Sadowski
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      I have such business request in which I need to delete records - for GDPR purpose, from main form (parent "A") and all related forms (children "B", "C", "D", etc). Some of the child forms have its own archiving procedure with associated archive forms.

      I decided to use archive feature, with "Delete From Source" type and created associations between forms A-B, A-C, A-D, etc.

      How it looks:

                        B (regular)


      A (regular)  - C


                        D - E (archive)

      But there is no option to create association to archive form, so I decided to delete records from archive forms using FLTR with Run Process Application-Query-Delete-Entry, executed when A record is Deleted.


      Is it a correct approach?


      I thought that this should works fine, but what I see in API+FLTR+SQL logs that this process is running in the infinite loop :/ Every time ending with Rollback Transaction, but there is no error message indicating why transaction is rollbacked.


      How you deal with such requirements?


      Thanks for suggestions