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    Early Access for Remedyforce Org Winter'19

    Sayali Wasule
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      Hi ,


      Can someone please provide me the link for early access remedyforce org Winter'19 ?


      Thanks !

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          Virginia Leandro

          Its documented in our monthly newsletter that you can find here:  Remedyforce Monthly Newsletter - January 2019 Edition


          To access the EAP, first you will need to sign the BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement.  NOTE: If you signed the “BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement” previously, you will need to re-sign the new agreement.  The agreement was updated on July 1stto reflect new language regarding GDPR, among other things, and BMC is requiring that all EAP participants sign the new agreement.  Please be aware that the “BMC Pre-Release Software License Agreement” is a click through agreement.


          Please be aware that when filling out the Agreement, to use the Company Name that was used on your Support Contract in order to cover all staff who may want to participate in the EAP.


          Pre-Release Agreements (SaaS)


          Once we have the agreement on file, you can then request access to the Winter 19 EAP group:


          Remedyforce Winter 19 Early Access Program