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    Assign ticket based on field

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      So this is a new installation of Footprints 20.18.02.


      The setup

      I have a Customer Address book and a Servicer Address book.


      Customer owns the grill.

      Servicer repairs the grill.


      Customers are stored in the Customer Address Book

      Servicers are stored in the Servicer Address Book.


      Servicers are agents and their USER ID is the their email address




      Ticket is created for the customer.

      We then find a servicer who can do the work

      We then assign the ticket to the servicer as an assignee


      So far so good


      Manual process to do what I want to do

      On the ticket, I click on the Assignee and select servicer "Allied Appliance Service"

      To get the Servicer details, I do a "Link To" then select the servicer from the address book with company name of "Allied Appliance Service" The servicers name, address, and phone number are now part of the ticket.

      This is a two step process


      What I want to do

      Either click on the Assignee, select servicer "Allied Appliance Service" then have the linked servicer address book selected and update the ticket with the name/address/phone number


      Click on Link To and link the Servicer Address book then have the Assignee set based on the Servicer Company Name


      Is this at all possible?