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    CI record in Sandbox Dataset not being updated to MAD = yes if the MAD flag is sent by ADDM

    Rebecca Beatty
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      Here is my scenario: Have a CI discovered by ADDM, sent over, reconciled into BMC.ASSET dataset. No issue. The CI is then updated to add some additional information, therefore creating a SANDBOX record. No issue. So, now CI is in 3 datasets (ADDM, ASSET, and SANDBOX). ADDM then sends over a MAD = Yes, this is reconciled to ASSET dataset and MAD flag is updated on the ADDM record and also updated on the ASSET record. No issue. However, the record in the SANDBOX dataset never gets updated to MAD = Yes, it stays at No, so it is never purged and creates an 'orphan' referencing an old CI. (the record ALSO updates the AST:Attributes form) so:

      ADDM record - MAD = Yes (recon runs)

      ASSET record - MAD = Yes (after ADDM recon to ASSET)

      AST:Attribute record MAD = Yes (after ADDM recon to ASSET)

      SANDBOX record - MAD = No


      For the above, when I run a purge on each dataset, the ADDM and ASSET records are purged, but the other two remain. Even though the AST:Attribute one matches the recon ID and has a status of Delete and the MAD flag set to Yes. so:

      ADDM - purged

      ASSET - purge

      AST:Attribute record - exists with Delete status and MAD = Yes

      SANDBOX - exists with MAD = No


      Where does that workflow reside to clean that up?


      I thought it could be precedence until I ran the following test:

      If I have an asset NOT discovered by ADDM, when I update the record from the asset management console (AST form with SANDBOX processing), setting the asset lifecycle status to Delete, the workflow sets all the MAD flags to Yes (SANDBOX, ASSET and AST:Attributes)

      SANDBOX record - MAD = Yes

      ASSET record - MAD = Yes (after Sandbox recon to ASSET)

      AST:Attribute record MAD = Yes (after Sandbox recon to ASSET)


      And, when I run the purges here, all is purged, no 'orphans'


      Current Precedence settings for MAD attribute:

      ASSET = 100

      ADDM = 900

      Sandbox = NULL