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    REST API Access using Trial BMC Discovery v11.3

    Saravanan Chinnappa
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      I signed up for Trial BMC Discovery tool (v11.3) and trying to run REST API demos using swagger UI with demo user credentials.


      Unfortunately I can not able to generate a token or Authorize.


      Also the documentation says, By default, the REST API is only available via HTTPS. If you attempt to use it via unencrypted HTTP, all requests will fail with a 403 forbidden error. But All Demo implementations @ http://discovery.trybmc.com/api/v1.1/swagger.json uses HTTP. (Not sure if I successfully authorize it will change to HTTPS automatically).


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      (As I am working on a POC I can only use TRIAL version and not on a licensed version of BMC Discovery)


      Thanks in Advance.