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    It it possible to use "Not-Condition" in Control-M distributed?

    Lars Mahrendorf

      Hello Control-M Community,


      I want to schedule a job that should not run, when a specific condition has already been set. I found this topic:

      Not/Negative Condition support in Control-M Enterprise Manager

      I know "Not-Conditions" can be set on z/OS, but I haven't found a solution for Control-M distributed.

      If anyone knows how to define a "Not-Condition" on distributed, I would highly appretiate the help.

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          Bentze Perlmutter

          Hi Lars,

          I don't think Control-M DS has anything equivalent to a non-condition.


          So, assuming there is a job that adds the "non-condition" when you want the next job not to run, can you have that job Force in the next job when you do want it to run?


          Trigger Job has:

          - ON OK DO NOT-CONDITION +

          - ON NOTOK DO FORCE JOB <next job>



          Trigger job changes a QR to 0 ad the <next job> waits for that QR and therefore won't run anymore.

          (but you would then need a job to reset the QR at the start of the next day)



          The <next job> should wait for IN COND RUN-OK

          The job that you wanted to add the NOT-CONDITION could instead remove the RUN-OK condition which would stop the <next job>.

          You would need something to add the RUN-OK condition at the start of the day. (ctmldnrs or a dummy job)



          Have <next job> defined with a HOSTGRP.

          In that HOSTGRP add one Agent.

          Create Agent Participation Rule in the HOSTGRP based on RUN-OK ODAT condition.

          Then when you want that job to stop running, have the trigger job remove  RUN-OK ODAT.

          The agent will no longer be part of the HOSTGRP so the job won't run. (will be WAIT for HOST status)

          You will need something to add RUN-OK ODAT condition at the start of the day.


          Hope these ideas help.




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