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    Import .csv with Atrium Integrator (Kettle) including Carriege Return in Attributes

    Thomas Reinhard
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      Good Day,


      I am trying to Import a .csv file with Attributes, which contains carriege Returns.


      Attribut Example from source with  1 carriage return


      Good Day,

      test test test


      Value .csv;


      ..§Good Day, <??> test test test§....


      Attribut Value after Import through Atrium Integrator:


      Good Day, test test test



      Which Special character, character combination or character string I have to place within the text that Atrium Integrator can indentify to place a carriage return at this place in the text.

      ...§Good Day, <???> test test test§......

      I tried the follwing combinations at the place where I expect after import a carriege return.


      • \n
      • \r\n
      • \\r\\n
      • &BR()&
      • &CHAR(10)&


      Thanks for your help


      Best Regards