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    IntegrationResult removal

    Rémi Chaffard
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      Quick question to validate my understanding. In the doc it is stated this for IntegrationResult (Integration Result node - BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation ):


      Integration Results are removed when the related Provider Access node or Discovery Access node is destroyed.

      And then for Provider Access (Provider Access node - BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation ) :


      Provider Access nodes are removed when the Discovery Run node they are linked to is destroyed. See Discovery Run Node for more details. When a Provider Access node is destroyed, its related Integration Result nodes and their children are also destroyed.

      Now, let's consider this scenario. I have an integration point configured to run on event creation. Event removal is 28 days. For each event we have a ProviderAccess, which is connected to IntegrationResult.

      When events are removed after the 28 days delay, nothing happen since (according to the doc) the ProviderAccess will be removed only on DiscoveryRun removal.

      So in this case, the ProviderAccess and IntegrationResults will never be removed ?


      Am I correct in the analysis ?

      Is it a wanted behaviour or a bug ?


      Thanks a lot


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          Andrew Waters

          For ExternalEvent nodes the ProviderAccess is under the ExternalEvent; there is no DiscoveryRun and hence is removed a the same time as the ExternalEvent.

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            Rémi Chaffard

            Then there is something I don't understand. Considering this:

            • the pattern triggered on the event create 2 IntegrationResult node (running 2 SQL queries)
            • One invocation per day, 28 days removal delay


            In this case, We should have 56 IntegrationResults in the system, not more ?


            Now if i run the following queries:


            search ExternalEvent where __source = 'SID_Integration'

            => return 28 objects, it's ok


            search ExternalEvent where __source = 'SID_Integration'
            traverse List:List:Member:ProviderAccess
            traverse DiscoveryAccess:DiscoveryAccessResult:DiscoveryResult:IntegrationResult

            => Returns 54 objects, ok maybe consolidation is not ended at the time I ran the query, not a big deal.


            Now making it the other way around:


            search IntegrationResult where label matches 'SIDQueries'

            => returns 842 objects (no deletion since the beginning)


            search IntegrationResult where label matches 'SIDQueries'
            traverse DiscoveryResult:DiscoveryAccessResult:DiscoveryAccess:ProviderAccess
            traverse Member:List:List:ExternalEvent

            => Returns 27 objects, which is perfectly logic based on the first number above.


            So for me it means that events has been removed, but not the associated IntegrationResult.


            These queries has been executed on consolidator, but the event is sent on scanner. However we have the same kind of numbers in scanner, except for the third query returning 405 objects (still very big compared to what I expect)


            Can you please highlight what could be wrong here ?




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              Andrew Waters

              I have been through the code and it is not doing the correct thing - raised defect DRUD1-25113

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                Rémi Chaffard

                Perfect thank you !