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    Discovery CONTROL-M JOBS

    Edison Santos
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      Hi Guys!


      I read about a BMC Batch Discovery and that it was deprecated.
      Its function was to load Atrium CMDB with information about JOBS, services and Applications from CONTROL-M.
      I Couldn't find any approuch to CONTROL-M JOBS on Discovery, except SI Discovery for agents and servers.
      Is it possible to discovery Control-M jobs ADDM?
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          Brian Morris

          I know for mainframes, BMC Discovery relies on a mainview agent being installed and gathers discovery data from it.


          Discovering mainframe computers - BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation


          Here is some further information on it: Mainframe discovery methods - BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation


          I'm not a Control-M expert, but perhaps there's some overlap in the information that's gathered? If not, is the Control-M database where the Batch job information you want is stored? I see that it's supposed to have Job Processing Definitions organized by scheduling table - but I don't know what that data might look like. It may be possible to create an Integration Point between Control-M and Discovery that way.


          Hope this helps or gets some conversation going!

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            Edison Santos

            Hi Brian Morris, thanks for your answer!


            I know a little bit about CTM. I've used to work with it on mainframes and open platforms, in projects of installing, supporting and implementing CONTROL-M. In the past, I heard about BMC Batch Discovery, that was an extension to the BMC Control-M solutions suite, compatible only until  Control-M version 7. By the way I know, it was deprecated. Now, I'm working with Discovery & CMDB and I've been far from CTM technology for a considerable time.


            Your suggestion of extracting the information from CTM DB can be a good idea, but, I would like to know if now, this is the only way.


            CTM has REPORTS that extracts all structures used by business processes, and, maybe, can be a way to discover the JOBS CIs by this method, importing on CMDB, directly. But, of course that, this is a hard work to do.


            I didn't find yet, or heard about, any solution similar to the "mainview agent" for UX like and Windows platforms.


            Let's see if we have any other specialist that has another experience with this kind of work, cause on this project that I'm working, I have no MAINFRAME platforms involved.


            Thanks a lot for your answer, I really appreciated it.

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              Mark Edwards

              You would need to write a custom pattern to get the information


              The command line ctmpsm -LISTALL will show all Control-M jobs, although this can be resource intensive if you have a lot of jobs.


              It would be more efficient to directly query the cmr_ajf database table, which holds info on all currently active jobs.


              Probably worth raising an RFE\Idea for this as I can see the value in having job details discovered, although some organisations could have thousands of jobs. It shouldn't be too hard for BMC to discover details about their own products ;-)

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