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    I can't change the threshold of a Focal Point Resource

    Chris Forzaglia
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      I am seeing this on my FOCAL POINT Screen:

                                  Status=Input    Time=16:07:12    Intv===> 3      

      LC     Target  Target  ---- Description -----   --- Threshold Indicators ----

               Name    Type                            Resource  Workload  Operation

           ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1-4 of 4

      ___    BB04      MVS    AO                         GREEN     GREEN     GREEN

      ___  * CICST2    CICS                               RED      GREEN     GREEN

      ___  * CTORT1    CICS                               RED      GREEN     GREEN

      ___  * CICSCF    CICS   CHRIS TEST REGION           RED      GREEN     GREEN


      I have changed the profile setting for everything I can find (Target and Monitor) that is a 'Resource' with a Threshold over 100 based on the message:



      NUMBER   ---------------- DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM ------------  THRESHOLD

      FT041I   TRAN CONL     TASK 00027 USING ___105K OF STORAGE   > 100      

      ***************************** END OF DATA *******************************


      But the RED will not go GREEN!


      How can you tell which of the 11 FOCAL POINT Target or 26 MVS service monitors this alert is referring too?