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    Get job logs for failed  targets

    Hamish marson

      Is it possible to get the job logs from the blcli (i.e. SOAP API interface) for a particular run of a job target?


      The granularity for reading the completion status of a target for a job isn't sufficient for us to be able to tell what went wrong without a human logging into the bladelogic GUI and finding the job then opening the logs and finding the failed target... Which takes a while and isn't really suitable where we're automating processes.


      Is it possible to read the bladelogic logs for this info via the blcli? e.g. where a log reads..


      (Sorry, the website has removed my image snapshot... but the error in the bladelogic job logs says 'Failed connecting to server <fqdn_of_server:4750>, connection refused)


      I want to be able to get the error text so I can save it off and display it in a report that's produced elsewhere at the end of the job. I can't get it during the job execution and log it elsewhere  because the runScript never gets started. It's not the fact that an error occurs that's the problem. It's finding out what the cause of the error was