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    Filter call web service Error

    Mohammad Al Taj



      I'm trying to call web server using the felter but i faced error as the below :



      the filter customization as bellow :





      to make sure from the service i install soapui in the same server to test the service and it's working fine as bellow :




      any  idea please ?



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          LJ LongWing


          302 is a redirect code....which simply means that Remedy is expecting to talk to the destination server, not a server that's going to redirect it somewhere else....so, work with the team on the other end of the equation and get them to give you the actual end server, and the problem should go away.

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            Mohammad Al Taj

            Thanks LJ,


            This Issue happened after add that filter on all new request, i disabled it and everything working fine now .


            I guess this issue happened because i made that filter on the service request form .


            I will try to make it on the new vendor form and test .