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    Remedy Developer Studio

    Daniel Maican


      Has anyone encountered slow performance with Developer Studio (takes 10 or more minutes to open forms or other objects) but only on one environment and only on random users?


      So some users have problems with only one environment (all objects there) and others with other environment


      Tried cache clearing but no success.




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          Rolf Beutner


          just hint, what I've seen esp. in developer environments: workflow depending on/fired by escalations are tested manually via dev Studio / right mouse click... These run then in admin thread and blocking access that it cauese "randomly" bad performance / timeouts to Login or refresh object lists - check escal.log.

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            Daniel Maican

            Thanks Rolf,


            But that wasn't the problem.


            Environment 1 with user 1

            Steps to reproduce:

            1. Login to Dev Studio on environment 1

            2. Open all Objects - Forms

            3. Open Forms action will take more than 10 minutes


            Env 1 with user 2:

            1. Login to Dev Studio on environment 1

            2. Open all Objects - Forms

            3. Open Forms action will be close to 5 seconds


            User 1 - On Environment 2 - same open forms action will take 5 seconds



            thanks and appreciate any help



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              Terje Moglestue

              What version of Developer Studio and Java are you using?

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                Daniel Maican

                Dev Version: 9.1.00

                Version 8 Update 151

                But this has happened for previous older java versions.


                +++ If i use from the same machine another user to connect to the same environment - there are no issues. SO it must be something related to some user ON environment

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                  Rolf Beutner


                  did you see one hint here in the communities: Remedy - DevStudio - How to enable API logging for Developer Studio

                  When switching to apirecording = 31 you get in the developer Studio install dir logfiles like in my env. for me

                      ExxxxxxByyyyyy5zzzzz_arapires.log   (userServerPort_arapires.log)

                  and where you could compare when two users from different envs try to connect.

                  There are entries like:

                     ARSetSessionConfiguration results

                     Start Time: 1547561229104 (Tue Jan 15 15:07:09 CET 2019)

                     Finish Time: 1547561229104 (Tue Jan 15 15:07:09 CET 2019)

                     Elapsed Time: 0 ms

                  where you could search for the long elapsed time lines or bigger differences when in different envs.

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                    So I’m not sure if I’m fully understanding.  When you say user 1 and user 2 are you saying that two different logins on the same Dev studio on one workstation or are you saying that you have two installations of dev studio on different workstations/machines? I’m not sure if you are talking about different logins or different dispersed installs of the dev studio on totally different machines.


                    So a few things to look at if you

                    1.  ar.cfg server names and ips are they correct, is the domain correct, is it fully qualified, are you using the fully quailed name in dev studio, are you using the first entry?

                    2.  network is there a legacy issue going on here?

                    3.  Is there an old connection on the machine that has the port in wait state?

                    4. DevStudio.ini is it the same way on both machines for both users?

                    5. If different desktops is there something cached, in the hosts file, different dns servers, different network configuration or something on the machine causing the slowness?

                    6.  if you do an Nslookup and a tracert are the results the same?

                    7.  If it is different users on the same desktop, do they have the same rights on the machine?

                    8.  Are they using SSO?




                    I’ve experienced severe slowness after the server name was changed, and learned that the DNS and ar.cfg wasn’t updated so it was going through every option in the configuration Which made dev studio Clock forever! 

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                      Shameem JS

                      Also try to change the devstudio work space and test.

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                        Daniel Maican

                        Thanks all for your suggestions - still not working - but thx

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                          So let me understand your current issue because it sounds like what you originally stated isn’t the case after further investigation. 


                          So you current issue is:  you have one user (maybe others), regardless of the client tool they use, consistently has a slow login?  Specifically focusing on Dev Studio, if a different person uses the same client tool they login quickly.  So it is all about the user’s setup, not the tool or the server, correct?


                          it would be helpful if you shared some of the things people have asked for like logs, traces, pictures of the person doc and user doc, ini file etc... just saying “it doesn’t work”, doesn’t help us fix your issue.


                          1. Have you just tried to delete the user and create it again?
                          2. when was the user created or had The permissions changed?
                          3. have you tried to have a dba drop and recreate the indexes on people, group and user?
                          4. have you deleted their preference record?
                          5. have you hardcoded a password to isolate If it is an authentication issue?  Heck you haven’t even told us if you’re using SSO, LDAP, Other...?  Maybe person A is hardcode (fast Login) and person B (slow login) is SSO?
                          6. what are the permissions of person A verses person B?  How many groups & companies does person A versus person B belong to? 
                          7. Ive actually seen where if Administrator isn’t the FIRST permission in the user form it is slower To open dev studio.  So look at the order of the permissions and try to match person A and B?