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    Dynamic Approval for different person

    Alexander Li



      I have a requirement for my form approval.

      If the requester is member of ITOPS entitlement group, the approval will be a person called "Jonathan".

      If the requester isn't member of ITOPS entitlement group, the approval will be direct manager of requester.

      Can I do this in custom approval in web mid tier? Or i have to do this in Remedy development studio?

      Could you give me some hint how to do this because I'm never use dynamic approval before. I only used direct manager approval / specific person approval before.


      Thanks in advance.



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          So there is A b8t of information missing to answer this. 


          • When you say “my Form” Do you mean you have created in dev studio your own form and it is NOT part of ITSM?   Or are you talking about  a Standard Service Request Definition that you’ve Created?

          So in general what you are asking can be done with configuration and not development With Service Request.  You can make your life easier by using an action in the SRD that does the query for you and sets the value to the manager‘s ID if there is a match.  Then in your custom approval to set approval to the ID if !=$NULL$ and then the next option if it is null. 


          There are a a bunch of solutions to do this (off the shelf) like you can utilize the srd levels too. But I’d need to know the version and a bit more about the objective because I’d never want to hardcore a single person‘s name into workflow (bad practice).  Also if the CEO is putting in the request, you’d most likely auto-approve that ...your rules for approval may need A bit more strategy so that you don’t box yourself into a high maintenance corner!

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            Alexander Li

            Hi Swanand,


            Thanks for the hints. I will look the link that you send.


            Hi Marrie,


            There is a custom generic service request definition form created by our Remedy Guy. It is custom from OOTB generic service request definition which has an ability to create a Standard SRD form & automatically create filter & alert, so once a ticket created, the alert from Remedy will trigger BMC Atrium Orchestrator to do something (automation).

            There is question & mapping button in Customer Generic SRD form that used for to create the fields in the form.

            And this the looks of my SRD form that has been created in SRM Request Entry

            Related to hardcore, i didn't have problem, because it is the requirement from my customer.

            Here are the details:

            - ITOPS entitlement group is a group that consists of outsourcing users in Remedy.

            - For this SRD Form, if ITOPS request, then the approval must be "Jonathan" because Jonathan managed ITOPS for this UPCC - Inject Profile automation.

            - ITOPS manager is not Jonathan in CTM:People, because in their work contract, the manager is another people.

            - We cannot change the manager of ITOPS user because of the work contract & if there is another automation SRD, then ITOPS approver must be people that managed the automation.

            - Another specification, if the requester isn't ITOPS, the requester will be IT Staff, so the approver must be their direct manager that saved in CTM:People. It won't be CxO or Manager level because this request is handle by Staff level.


            Could you give me an example to configure this in mid tier? because actually I am BMC AO guy and only have experience to configure if the approver is a person / direct manager only. I believe this could be done in mid tier level because i found there is "custom" settings in Service Request Approval of my SRD.

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              Alexander Li

              My AR version is 8.1.02.

              If it is bad practice to set Jonathan as approver, could you guide to set it to any member of Jonathan department in CTM:People? Jonathan department name is "IT Billing Department".

              I believe if i set to department name, any employee of IT Billing Department can help Jonathan to approve the request.

              If Jonathan change department or resign, I don't need to do anything because it should be IT Billing Department responsibility to approve UPCC-Inject Profile automation SRD form when ITOPS request.