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    Control-M 8 Attach Job Output in Mail Notification on Do Action

    Jackson Willford
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      Hi all,


      I haven't been able to find a good answer to my question. I was hoping you all could help me.


      I am using Control-M 8 and am trying to redo some of the reports that our system outputs. Currently, there are a couple of database jobs that run select queries in which the results are outputted to an email notification (as an attachment).


      In the job properties there are a couple of customization options that allow the file to be formatted as a .csv , .html, .xml, or .txt file, but the file always is attached to emails as OUTPUT_FILE.txt. In order for the recipients to view the report, they need to save the attachment as the intended file it was formatted in.


      My questions are the following:


      Are there any options within CTM that could allow me to further customize the email attachments that are outputted? Is there a better, more end-user-friendly way that reports can be sent? I would love to be able to name OUTPUT_FILE.txt to something more identifying, maybe including the dates and/or the name of the report. Could I instead somehow put the report in the body of the email perhaps?


      Thanks friends!


      Title was misspelled