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    TrackIT Segregation Security

    Cornelius Laubscher

      Yip, i'm on it today!!!


      When i implement and/or enable group segregation security the following seems to occur;



      Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3

      Group 1 information is shared with Group 2 only


      In effect the above should mean (I assume) that Group 2 can see the info from Group 1 together with their own Group 2 info but if Group 2 did NOT share their info with Group1 at the same time, then Group 1 should NOT see Group 2's info at the same time.


      At this stage both groups see each other's info if only one group is shared with the other group and not vice versa.


      Is this normal and if so, how do i secure it to be exactly as planned.



      Group1, Group2, Group3 and management group


      Management group must see all info for the other groups without those groups seeing the info from the management group.