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    Inconsistent BR and/or notification processing !!!

    Cornelius Laubscher

      Me again!!!!


      Although a slight struggle, we have 2018 installed and working. My biggest struggle now is to get consistent BR processing and notifications processed.


      As per below pic, these failures are cause for concern as i am unable to trace the root cause for the failure in the log file. I have reverted back to the "default" BR a few times already to ensure my custom HTML formatting and/or notifications is not the cause, but even then, it remains inconsistent. Question is, when do i know if the failure prevents subsequent rule sets to process before i have to manually clear the que in the DB?


      I have also attached the NamMbl log file which supposedly logs these BR activities.


      PLSE assist me in identifying the root cause for the failure on, example, Record ID 61634