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    Filling a new linked field

    Vern Meyer

      We're adding more information to our contact records. One of these peices of information, we'd like to go back and add to Service Requests (just until the first of the year). I am able to import the contacts to give them all the correct info, but im having issues filling the new linked field in their SRs.


      First thought; A rule that runs off hours that updates the record after I import them!

           - Nope, cannot pull from linked items with a time based rule.


      Second thought; An import is recorded as an update. So a rule in SR with a trigger of "on linked item update" has the Set field vaule "copy from linked" action. So if I set up that rule before import, will the import trigger that rule and update it's SR?

           - Server stopped responding when attempting an import woth that rule in place.


      Any ideas?