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    Control_m variable resolution within string text?

    Ram Iyer

      Control_m variable resolution within string text?



      Thanks for looking into my issues. I am using Control_m 9.0 on Linux. I did review control help, but I did not find an answer, so I am posting here.




      I am using control_m local variables to resolve values as follows:


      In Smart Folder:


      %%INPUT_Value = 2018


      %%FLNG_YR_TXT =_CY0


      The text values after resolution:







      Using the above variable, I have the following are specified in underlying sub folder:


      input_string_%%INPUT_Value.%%FLNG_YR_TXT  ===> It is resolving correctly


      another_input_string_%%INPUT_Value.%%FLNG_YR_TXT..%%sql ==> It is not resolving correctly. It throw CTMERR


      I did review variable expression spec of control_m help to work on this. I am not sure, why is not resolving correctly.


      I am thinking of implementing these variable resolutions for IN/OUT conditions.



      Where can I find more info for resolutions?




      Thanks for guidance.

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          Marco Bellusci

          The CTMERR is on a specific place in your string. I would guess, the first two variables are fine, but what do you expect with the variable %%sql? I think this one throws the ctmerr. Try another_input_string_%%INPUT_Value.%%FLNG_YR_TXT..sql




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            Ram Iyer

            Thanks for your reply. It worked.



            Here are similar issues, I am facing.


            I followed your thread https://communities.bmc.com/thread/153951?start=0&tstart=0http://



            about Control M variable definitions and tried the steps, but here are errors surprising me.


            Does treat contact for numeric and string(text) differently ?


            Expected result ==> input_fixed_string_FS19_CY0


            FS_NUM = 19 in Smart folder


            _CY0 is fixed text to be appended to result


            input_fixed_string_FS%%FS_NUM%%._CY0 resolved as input_fixed_string_FSCTMERRFS_NUMCTMERR._CY0


            input_Fixed_string_FS%%FS_NUM _CY0 resolved asinput_fixed_string_FS19


            input_fixed_string_FS%%FS_NUM %%MINUS 1 _CY0 resolved as Illegal



            input_fixed_string_FS%%FS_NUM %%MINUS 1  resolved as First


            input_fixed_string_%%FS_CY0%%._CY0 resolved as input_fixed_string_CTMERRFS_CY0CTMERR._CY0


            input_fixed_string_%%FS_CY0 resolved as input_fixed_string_FS19


            Looks like ._CY0 with string variable not resolving properly, but it is working, if result is numeric. How do I concat/append to string value (from Variable resolution)?



            How do I resolve this?


            Thanks for sharing.