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    BCM CMDB Integration 1.7.00 installation Error

    David Vacas

      Hi everybody!


      I'm trying to do an integration between BCM and the Remedy Atrium CMDB. For that I'm installing the "BCM CMDB Integration 1.7.00" package, that its supposed to create all the jobs and structures on Atrium to enable the integration.


      Anyway, I'm getting this error during the installation:



      The server has one license installed, its a trial one, as we are creating the development enviromet while we wait for the final license, but it should work anyways ¿right?

      Also (don't sure if related) in the previous installation step:



      The "server name alias" combo is not filled automatically with any value (I think that it should) and I've to fill it manually (you can't continue the installation with that field blank)


      ¿Any one has some clue about how to solve the error?




      Kind regards.