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    Recurring Email sharing

    Aloysius Goh
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      Hi all,

      I'm currently using the broadcast function to send out emails of reports, however under the description I was wondering if there was anyway to provide a description that shows the current date that the email was send. Thanks




      Also for example I have 9 fields as shown, however when i export to pdf, only the first 8 got exported to pdf while the last field is missing out. Does anyone know the solution for this ? Thanks


      Best Regards,

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          Abhijeet Teli

          Hi Aloysius,

          Report Name & Description are Static text objects, So date can't be populated in the description but you can add it in the Header or Footer section of the Report.

          It will be added in exported/broadcast report.

          Also the attached file in email gets generated with date appended in file name.


          Regarding missing column, We never faced this issue may be you need to compare field formatting options of missing field.