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    Error AFT7003 - connection timed out

    Helene Morgan

      I have AFT installed on a Windows Server v 2012 -

      I have a connection set up - 2 hosts

      1st is local CM - FTP

      2nd is external host, SFTP, Port 22, User Name & Password.


      this works fine and external host appears in the Authorize list of SSH Host.


      I am moving over to a new Windows node Server 2016

      AFT installed as per 2012 Windows Node


      other connections are set up and are working ok.


      but the above connection keeps giving me the error AFT7003 - connection timed out error.


      I have tried logging on to the external sftp server directly via the Windows node and am able to do this successful - it just does not work via AFT C-M


      the external host does NOT appear in the Authorize list of SSH Host, and I cannot see anyway of adding it in.. if indeed this is even required!


      any ideas?


      I did have issues initially with a connection that was connecting to Samba on a Linux node - it needed SMB2 (the Linus node was using SMB1) as the security had been tightened between Windows Server 2012 & 2016... but this is logging onto an external SFTP server using an IP address.


      any ideas?