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    Upgrade from 9.1 to 18.08 - staged or in-phase?

    Marcus Carvalho
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      We are thinking in upgrade our AR System from 9.1.02 to 18.08. We read the documentation available at bmc site and we saw that there are two ways to do this upgrade: in-phase and staged.


      We searched for help and we got to opinions that it's better to do the staged one, but we kept thinking that the in-phase is faster and should have less steps and possible problems.


      My question is: anyone that did the upgrade can help us to choose a method? And what was the dificulties and problems that you've faced? Something that did not work after or needed to do a little more effort.


      I appreciate any help about it.



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          Mohammad Rehman

          I am sure you have already gone over the choosing the upgrade method here https://docs.bmc.com/docs/brid1808/planning-an-upgrade-817165340.html

          I trust more in staged method, which gives me peace of mind and fully test end to end before deployment. On the above link way down Sample upgrade project plan are provided for each method including the webinar video.

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            Stefan Hall

            So far we've done all our upgrades in phase, most recently from 8.1 to 9104.

            You're right, if it works, it's less complicated and the data reconciliation between the system (Original/Stage) wasn't always flawless either.


            I think the right way depends on the extent of your customization.

            Good Luck

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              Carl Wilson


              I think you are referring to "in-place" and "staged" upgrades.


              If you are confident you can "resolve" any issue that arise after an upgrade, you can use the "in-place" upgrade and just run the installers, etc and deal with any issues once you have upgraded.  Be aware that this may (and often does), reset some rules and configurations you have when performing the ITSM upgrade.


              Generally for a "staged" approach, you perform this on the Dev/QA/etc (non Production) environments, where you can run a full regression testing cycle to understand what was changed during the upgrade and reconcile accordingly.  Once you have listed the reconciliation items, you can generally perform an "in-place" upgrade to the Production system and reconcile from the list after the upgrade.


              As Stefan mentions, it depends on the level and complexity of the customisation's applied in the system.  It also depends on the new features that BMC introduce with the later versions that may negate some of your customisation's, and therefore you want to remove these as they are now provided OOB.




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                Marcus Carvalho

                Stefan Hall,


                When you did the in-place upgrade, what kind of problem happened? Have you followed the documents here in BMC documentation or you called for another enterprise to help?


                Carl Wilson

                We have a few customizations, more inside the system and less integration (one or two perhaps). So one of the problems using the in-place is the configurations...


                Mohammad Rehman

                And using this method, what problems have you faced? I've checked the documents but I'm still thinking about which one to chose.



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                  Mohammad Rehman

                  I always encounter bunch of problems especially plugins and their ports configuration files and third party bundles smart reporting (yellowfin), atrium integrator (pentaho spoon, carte server) etc, on top BMC side poor testing gives you shockers ( in my case run Oracle configured case insensitive, which seems not BMC radar list to test that scenario and they may depends on customer to face and open the case). Sometime certain cases never get resolved within your projected time frame.

                  We have ITSM suite with minor customization, CMDB, bunch of custom apps integrated with ITSM foundation and custom integrations to feed ITSM / CMDB using AI jobs. ( end to end testing never been successful in one shot after upgrade, always hiccups ).

                  Don't know if i was big help except whining

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                    Stefan Hall

                    Hi Marcus Carvalho,

                    we largely follow the documentation. However, always in two separate phases to reduce complexity.

                    Phase 1 - Upgrade of the platform AR/MT/Core/AI and SmartRep (Note: We update the platform more often than the suite with our customizings.)

                    Phase 2 - Suite upgrade


                    The process is the same for both phases

                    1. upgrade laboratory environment (OOB system without adjustments)
                      check the installer and the OOB functionality
                    2. upgrade dev environment - BMC installer
                      test and reconciliation of the customizations > packaging of the further necessary customizations and necessary new customizations incl. overwritten configuration data if necessary
                    3. upgrade QA environment - BMC installer + package
                      function test
                    4. upgrade Live environment - BMC installer + package
                      shorter function test

                    Step 2 + 3 are run through more often, at least as far as the package is concerned.

                    For the production environment we have a weekend time (friday 6pm to sunday 13pm). On Sunday 13pm it must be clear whether it works or not, so that we still have time for the rollback.

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                      Marcus Carvalho



                      It is a big help actually! I thought the process was going to be a little more smooth, but it seems I'm wrong... I'm considering to use the staged upgrade after all I have listened here.



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                        Stefan Hall

                        Perfect, nice that we could help a little.


                        Please mark the helpful answers as helpful and choose an answer as correct to finish your question cleanly. This makes it easier for other users to find their way around.


                        Good Luck!


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                          Peter Ekendahl



                          This is an old post. But since I am currently looking into upgrading a Customer from 9.1 to 19.11 - here are my initial thoughts.


                          Up until now I have always relied on staged upgrade. Basically, the main reason for this has always been that some upgrade steps inevitably will result in errors, warnings and/or unknown outcome, where thorough and time-consuming investigation is needed. Also, the behaviour might be different in Dev, QA and Prod. Doing this in a staged environment releases some pressure on the upgrade project since existing environments will not be affected during the upgrades. A downside, that affects current environments, however is that basically all customization and some configurations are “locked” throughout the full upgrade period (we are talking months).


                          Now however I am not so sure that Staged upgrade always is the best way forward. “Traditionally” in a production ITSM environment you would have maybe three ARS servers, two midtier and one database (5 servers + one database). Now however, also running Smart IT, DWPA (including DWPC), RSSO, Smart Reporting, segmented networks, loadballancers and so on, we come up to (in our case) 15 various kinds of application servers and 8 separate databases. The task just of creating a cloned staging environment of this, correcting server references in databases and servers, fixing firewall port openings and so on, seems overwhelming. Also, hopefully upgrades in form of deployment packages gives less problems then the earlier installers? I have not however made up my mind yet…


                          What are your thoughts…?

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