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    Remedy Management Console - Is there a license tracking dashboard?

    Thad Esser

      ARS/ITSM 18.05.


      In the new Remedy Management Console, there is the server group dashboard that shows counts of Application Pending, FTS indexing, SYS:Action, etc.  I was hoping there was an available dashboard (or flashboard that I could add to the dashboard) that shows a count of application license usage?  In particular I'm looking for a count of our Change Management Floating license usage.  I could go to the Manage User Licenses screen and filter for that, but the table contains both "Floating" and "Read (floating)" and so it's a pain to count by hand.  The info is in the user logs too, but that's not as accessible to the folks I'm wanting to share the info with.


      I could turn on license tracking and then build my own flashboard and add it to the dashboard, but before doing that, I wanted to see if I missed something that already exists.