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    BMC Discovery Queries

    Abhay Bhagat

      Dear Experts,


      • Did anyone synced Monitors, Keyboard, Mouse information to there CMDB (via BMC discovery or Client Management), Is it available out of the box or any customization required.
      • Can we distinguish between Laptop and Desktop for the assets discovered in ADDM so that CMDB is correctly updated with information?
      • Can we detect the external hard disk connected to Desktops by BMC Discovery


      Let me know your comments on the above points,





      I have posted this under BMC Discovery , if community admin think it is BMC Client Management query may move the post there .



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          Andrew Waters

          Discovery does not find any monitor, keyboard or mouse information. So you would need to add patterns to get this information.


          It really depends upon what you are discovering. It may be possible to distinguish based on the discovered model.


          Discovery makes no attempt to distinguish external and internal drives. Whether it is possible will depend upon the OS and connection. For example on Linux you could discovery attached USB devices.

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            Brian Morris

            Several years ago I took a crack at discovering monitors and found that the information available varied wildly depending on the vendor and model of the monitor. The various vendors just didn't seem to use the available fields in the same way and it became very hard to normalize all the data. You also will need to handle adding and removing monitors in your code and handle cases where there are multiple monitors attached to a given system. Also KVM switches and other items in the WMI class that might be some kind of display device but not necessarily a monitor also present a challenge. If you have Client Management available I'd strongly recommend using that.

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              Stefan Hall

              BMC Disco is not really suitable for desktop discovery. Just think about "age out" and unlike in the data center desktops are sometimes longer off (illness, vacation, etc.).

              • Monitor manufacturers don't stick to any rules. What we get delivered from SCCM is a normalization nightmare. But we go this way.
              • Mouse and keyboard are often integrated via generic drivers. Also here the recognition rate is not high enough. We manage these cheap items as bulk CIs.
              • KVM switches are not really visible to the computer, they loop through the contacts. Discovery doesn't seem possible to me.

              I can only go along with Brian:

              If you have Client Management available I'd strongly recommend using that.


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                Brian Morris

                Another challenge with Desktop discovery was client laptops logging into the network from the domain and via VPN from home. Lots of duplicates coming in, and you also then potentially discover devices connected to those machines that are personal equipment (my monitor at home vs the monitor I was issued at work on my desk). So scanning clients and VPN was not a good idea, even with the good intention of assigning a "location" to the discovered asset that stayed current. A "phone-home" or agent-based tool will be more accurate and effective for client devices. Just wanted to mention this experience !

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