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    Server is not visible in the Devices

    VenkataNagaBhavaniShankar Nandula
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      I have installed the Patrol Agent on 1 server ,when I am checking i am not able to find it in the Devices on Presentation server.

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          Anant Kotkar

          Hello Venkata,


          Please check below points


          1) Make sure that PatrolAgent configuration has the valid IntegrationService (/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices) entry.

          2) Check PatrolAgent status is CONNECTED on integrationService host logs (pw/pronto/logs/PatrolAgentCache.dump)

          3) If it is CONNECTED then check PatrolAgent status on TSIM server.

          4) If everything is fine on above steps then perform the TSPS cache sync


          Thanks and Regards,

          Anant Kotkar

          BMC TrueSight Consultant

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